This VGA 640 x 480 color display is ideal for avionics, vehicular and shipboard bridge applications where control features are required for both sunlight and night vision operations. Luminance modes (sunlight and NVIS-B/night) are front-panel controlled via a switch/concentric potentiometer. 24 function buttons with serial I/O are integrated into the front bezel. Features include an RGB analog video input and 28-VDC input power, and is housed in a compact (7.66”W x 6.52”H x 4.89”D) enclosure. Touch control and extended temperature operating ranges are available.

Display Size: 6.4” (16.3 cm) diagonal
Resolution: 640 x 480 (VGA)
Luminance: Day Mode: 0 to >714 cd/m2 (0-210fL)
Contrast: C:R = 350:1 @ ctr.
Viewing Angle: Typically V: +35°/-55° H: ±70°
Power: Approximately 12 W