Orbit Instrument’s dedication to improving hardware and software solutions continually sets the state-of-the-art standards throughout the defense-industrial complex. Our proprietary design techniques and diligent attention to detail have led to pioneering advances in customized electronic components and subsystems, including:

Display panels with multi-mode LED backlighting that

dramatically improves visibility. Our displays are designed to meet EMI/EMC as well as night vision operational requirements.

Patented cursor control units

utilizing militarized trackball program applications.

Touch control elements

with “Armored Glass” fascias designed for finger, stylus and gloved hand operation in severe environments.

Gold-on-gold contact switches

that deliver more than 50 million actuations, and actually improve with continued use.

Easy integration of new technology

Additional proprietary design techniques, together with our ability to integrate COTS products into system requirements, allow for easy and economical upgrade paths that enable you to benefit from emerging technologies.

Built to withstand the most severe conditions

All of our products are designed to operate under severe battlefield, shipboard and airborne conditions, and to withstand the rigors of shock, vibration, temperature, altitude extremes and nuclear, biological and chemical contamination and decontamination.