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Rugged performance on land, at sea and in the air
Orbit has a half-century of experience in designing and engineering rugged keyboards, keypads and related software for shipboard, fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft, vehicular and land-based applications. For example, we supply:

  • Backlit keyboards used extensively in shipboard applications
  • Sunlit readable/backlit keyboards that have been incorporated into the FAA air traffic control tower systems, as well as aircraft and helicopter systems

In all branches of the armed forces, as well as in government non-military and industrial programs, our keyboards and keypads have proven able to withstand extreme levels of environmental and human abuse.

Custom designed for diverse applications
Our experience makes us expertly qualified to deliver products that meet the unique demands of your program. We can supply:

  • Solutions utilizing full mil-spec to COTS technologies
  • New build-to-print to reverse-engineered, retro-fit and form-fit-function replacement products
  • Single units to large production runs
Products are just a few of the many custom designs Orbit has produced.
Contact us to discuss what we can custom design and manufacture for your applications.