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Integrated Switch Panels

Robust performance proven over 30 million actuations
For over 40 years, Orbit’s Integrated Switch Panels (ISP) have delivered highly reliable performance in the most severe environmental conditions. Integrated into shipboard, airborne, vehicular/ground mobile and fixed applications, these rugged custom solutions provide extended life-cycles in a full range of mission critical applications.

Unmatched quality
Our focus on superior quality is exemplified by our proprietary, robust “Orbit Switch” gold-on-gold contact technology, which has delivered in excess of 30 million failure-free actuations in formal life-testing.

Cost-effective solutions to meet any size, shape and functional requirements
Our time-tested technologies enable us to provide cost-competitive solutions in virtually any size and shape to meet every customer’s requirements – ranging from basic one-switch designs with tactile feedback, to complex intelligent switch panels programmable to provide specific functions, with options such as labels or legend changes for the switches, audible switch depression feedback, and many other options including:

  • ISPs configured utilizing customer-specified electrical and mechanical interfaces
  • Form-fit-functional replacement switch panels for existing systems that support new operator functionalities
  • Fully independent switch panels that output custom key codes over a specified interface
  • Switch panels backlit utilizing highly efficient LEDs, with controls that enable the operator to select brightness spanning the ambient lighting range, from sunlight-readable to NVIS lighting capabilities
  • High-quality, cost-competitive additional devices, including cursor controls and displays, can be designed and manufactured into ISPs for added functionality


Products are just a few of the many custom designs Orbit has produced.
Contact us to discuss what we can custom design and manufacture for your applications.