Control Display Units

Flexible functions, proven night vision performance

Orbit Instrument control display units (CDUs) are proven reliable in even the most extreme land-based, shipboard or airborne environments. Whether for system updates or new systems, our ruggedized, cost-effective custom solutions are designed to withstand the rigors of nuclear, biological and chemical battlefield environments. Their proven performance has compelled a number of U.S. and foreign military customers to embed our hardware as standard products in their program requirements.


  • Specifically designed for custom function and interface capabilities
  • Most units incorporate single board computers and custom software to provide a total system solution
  • Panels can incorporate a variety of interfaces including R-232, RS-422, PS/2, USB, Ethernet and others
  • The panel output to the operator control can be either a standard or custom interface
  • Switch backlighting can be customized using LEDs, which can be controlled from both sunlight readable to night vision standards
Products are just a few of the many custom designs Orbit has produced.
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