Standard Interface ISPs

Switch panels built for long life and low maintenance
Orbit’s standard interface ISPs are designed for use in military airborne, shipboard, vehicular, mobile and fixed applications, as well as in commercial avionics and ruggedized industrial applications. Key features include:

  • Typically include RS-232, RS-422, USB and an “Orbit standard” that features a row/column output that can be connected to a system that will scan the matrix for key actuations
  • Can be backlit with either monochromatic or multi-color system requirements, including  methods of dimming controls as required

Alarms/Display Panel

Utilized in airborne applications, this ISP features backlit switches and display panels, 4 toggle-type switches, which are connected to the aircraft wiring harness, plus an output interface designed for a standard row/column.

2×3 Switch Matrix

This ultra-ruggedized basic 6-switch ISP is a high-bright-readability device designed for shipboard console-mounted applications. It utilizes a row/column interface and features Orbit’s full-travel key switches with gold-on-gold contacts and bushings for high-quality, reliability, long life and low maintenance.

4×10 Switch Matrix

For shipboard applications, this console-mounted ISP includes switches segmented with either 3-part or 2-part indicators. Each segment is individually addressable, and ‘film-chip’ legends are easily changeable to support various functionality requirements. Orbit’s full-travel key switches are designed with gold-on-gold contacts and bushings to provide high-quality, reliable, cost-competitive hardware with long life and low maintenance.

Snap Dome Switch Panels

Utilized for ground fixed applications, these proven, rugged ISPs have housings and faceplates constructed with ABS plastic to meet high volume demands. They feature superior quality and reliability at an economical cost.

Products are just a few of the many custom designs Orbit has produced.
Contact us to discuss what we can custom design and manufacture for your applications.