Advanced LED technology ideal for low-lighting environments
Orbit backlit keyboards using advanced LED technology have proven invaluable in military reduced-lighting command, control, communication, computer and information centers. Key features:

  • Linear variable-intensity backlight adjustment (controlled either manually or automatically, depending on the model) capable of displaying in full sunlight and in NVIS environments
  • Custom keycaps, keycap legends and customer-defined codes can be specified for any or all keys
  • Required system power is minimized


Proven in Navy carrier based aircraft, this 40-key backlit aircraft keyboard and pointing device is a full-feature keyboard in a flight panel design. Panel includes a force transducer, two dedicated switches and an alpha lock LED display.

Custom Matrix

These highly customizable, panel-mounted keypads can feature any size matrix. Units feature engraved keycaps, and gold-on-gold contacts for extended service life. Options include backlit keycaps, custom matrix layout/interface, and matching console paint.

Backlit Matrix

This 40-switch backlit matrix keypad is capable of illuminating individual functions, one-at-a-time if necessary. Individual keys are separated into 2 or 3 independently-controlled sections, and keycaps can be changed to meet your specific requirements. Panel-mounted units are secured with EMI gaskets for electromagnetic interference protection.

High-Impact ABS

Orbit high-impact-resistant ABS keypads are available for a full range of applications (panel, for handheld GPS shown). Ultra-rugged switch-panel units are designed to support customer-specific electronics and software components, and can be mass produced to meet high quantity and/or
Just-In-Time (JIT) orders.

Products are just a few of the many custom designs Orbit has produced.
Contact us to discuss what we can custom design and manufacture for your applications.