Commander Display Units

Vehicle-mounted, computer-powered units with expandable functions
Designed primarily for Army ground-based battlefield operations, Orbit Instrument CDUs are vehicle-mounted panels that allow the vehicle commander to monitor systems status and data.

Key Features:

  • Powerful single board computer is embedded into the design so that additional functions can be added as new application needs arise.
  • Designed and tested to meet extreme environmental conditions, with their computers enclosed in cases that are sealed to the elements. They have no special heat dissipation requirements.

Army COTS Modules

This ruggedized panel utilizes COTS modules, and features a ¼ VGA color 5.5” LCD display. Includes a 733-MHz single board computer with onboard solid-state memory, and provides fast response time with low power consumption. With an operating temperature range of -35°C to +71°C, this unit is qualified for operations worldwide.

Army Radar Display Unit

This battlefield-ready unit is supported with software written by Orbit Instrument engineers specifically for the U.S. Army TPQ Radar program, and has proven itself in the field for many years. Includes VGA 5.5” color LCD display and 7.33-MHz single-board computer, and delivers fast response time with low power consumption.

XGA Wide-angle Panel

This rugged 6.3” XGA high-brightness, wide-angle panel provides vehicle commanders with real-time video and data, and can also transmit video data to the battlefield network. This compact, powerful unit features a restive touch-screen, 20 programmable function switches, and a full-function Windows-based computer.

Digital Interrogator Unit

Designed for naval surface ships, this unit features a powerful single board computer and onboard solid-state memory to report on the status of the computer racks. Its electroluminescent display is designed and tested for reliable operation in extreme temperatures, and the unit has passed our customers’ lightweight hammer shock test.

Products are just a few of the many custom designs Orbit has produced.
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