Intercommunication Panels

Reliable communication control for naval surface ships
Primarily used aboard naval surface ships to control onboard communications traffic, these units are also capable of communicating off-ship to other ships and aircraft. They are used to amplify anything from specific signals to a ship’s whole information system. Orbit panels isolate at 100 dB between secure and non-secure networks.

Orbit Instrument can provide:

  • Form-fit-function replacement panels that meet the specifications of older systems while improving reliability and performance.
  • Cost-effective, newly-designed communications panels that require only minimal interface changes to update older systems.

Audio Control Panel

Designed for use on naval surface ships, this audio control panel can provide audio output from 6 separate audio inputs. Left/right audio potentiometers allow for independent control of output. The unit provides supervisor and operator headset connections on the front panel, and the audio output can also be routed to the enclosed loudspeaker.

Console Intercommunications Unit (CIU)

This rugged CIU transmits and receives data messages and audio information from a central switching unit (CSU), and enables the operator to communicate with another CIU or the CSU in any of four modes (interphone, network, radio-telephone, or conference) with a backup sound power mode. A telco function allows connectivity to telephone networks, and separate left/right channels can operate independently.

Color Computer Controlled Action Entry Panel (CCCAEP)

Designed for surface ship console-mounting, this panel can display 24 switch locations with 48 messages for each location. It features a touch-selectable control panel on a resistive touch screen panel, and displays on-screen indicators to notify the operator when a selection has been made.

Audio Control Panel

This compact panel-mounted audio amplifier has the ability to control and amplify multiple audio and microphone signals, which it generates with less than 1 percent distortion. This panel features a 2 line backlit LCD display, 26 backlit switches, 2 audio tapered potentiometers and a green LED ring indicator. Available health management software includes a heartbeat signal and built-in test status reporting.

Products are just a few of the many custom designs Orbit has produced.
Contact us to discuss what we can custom design and manufacture for your applications.