Cursor controllers for small-space and other applications
For small spaces, horizontal enclosures, wall-mounted and one or two-finger applications in which trackballs may not be preferable, Orbit force-sticks are an optimal solution – performing to the same high standard as our trackballs. They are ideal cursor control devices, and are often used to input precision movement coordinates into computational systems.

Precise positioning based on amount of force used
Orbit force-sticks range from simple strain-gauge devices to precision assemblies that offer additional interfaces and rate-aid functionality. Rate-aid accelerates the cursor according to the amount of force that is placed on the stick shaft: the operator can quickly cross the entire screen when additional force is applied, and then precisely position the cursor with minimal force when the cursor is near the desired target on the monitor.

  • Orbit force-stick devices support numerous standard serial interfaces including: RS-232, RS-422, PS/2, Sun, USB and any other custom interface required.
  • Orbit engineers have the expertise to generate software code to support any number of switches required for your specific force-stick cursor control application.

Orbit force-stick applications include:

  • Keyboard cursor control
  • Helicopter integrated switch panels
  • Fixed wing A/C integrated switch panels
  • Topographical mapping
  • Industrial control units
  • Many others
Products are just a few of the many custom designs Orbit has produced.
Contact us to discuss what we can custom design and manufacture for your applications.